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Early Intervention Transition Process

The following Process Guide can be used for families transitioning out of Early Intervention and participating in the referral process with Franklin Public Schools, OR for families participating in the referral process due to a recommendation from screening or outside agency. 

Early Intervention Transition Process
A child receiving services through an early intervention agency may transition in the Franklin Public Schools (FPS) on his/her third birthday, provided he/she qualifies for special education as determined through the following process:
  1. The early intervention agency facilitates a release of records and sends a referral to the Franklin Public Schools.
  1. This can occur up to six months prior to a child’s third birthday
  2. The early intervention agency will send a referral and relevant records to Franklin Public Schools on behalf of the parents.

  1. Within five days of receiving the packet at FPS, a letter containing information regarding how to obtain proof of residency will be mailed to the family.
** Parents MUST provide proof of residency BEFORE the transition with FPS can begin!*
  1. The FPS will attend a transition meeting with early intervention therapists in your home or other mutually convenient location.

  1. During the transition meeting:
    1. The team chairperson from FPS will observe your child working with early intervention staff.
    2. The team chairperson will explain the evaluation process and present a "consent to evaluate" that you are encouraged to sign at this meeting.
    3. If your child is being evaluated in the area of educational, you will be asked to drop off a medical form (provided by FPS) to your pediatrician.
    4. You will receive an invitation to a team meeting to discuss all testing results. You are a part of the team!

  1. After receiving your consent to evaluate:
    1. Members of the FPS will contact you to schedule days/times to bring your child to our school F X O’Regan Early Childhood Center 224 Oak St. Franklin.
    2. Observations of your child may be completed at their early intervention group, daycare or other program in which they are enrolled.
    3. From the date of the signed consent, the district has 30 school days to complete the evaluation.
    4. The team will meet within 45 days to discuss eligibility for special education.
    5. Two days before the team meeting, you will be able to pick up the evaluation reports at the school.
    6. Please note that the FPS DOES NOT utilize “clinical judgment” when determining eligibility for special education.
    7. Please bring your completed Parent Input Questionnaire (provided by FPS) to the team meeting.
    8. You may invite whomever you would like to the team meeting. FPS always invites an early intervention therapist.
Please note: A diagnosis does not indicate automatic eligibility for special education.
  1. Findings at the TEAM meeting may include one of the following:
  • No eligibility for special education services
  • Eligible for walk in services only ( ex: speech and language (SLP, OT, PT)
  • Eligible for a placement in our school with related services (OT, SLP, PT)
Eligibility for special education will be determined at the team meeting and will be determined based on individual student need.
F. X. O’Regan Early Childhood Center Staff
Kelty Kelley, M.Ed Principal
Sarah Martin, Team Chairperson
Laura Flanagan, Administrative Assistant
Speech and Language Pathologists:
Diane Peavey, MA CCC-SLP, CEIS
Linda Cournoyer, MS CCC-SLP
Occupational Therapist:  Sandra Wong MS, OTR/L
Physical Therapist: Joanne MacNeil, PT, DPT
School Nurse: Suzanne Roma, RN
Teachers: Marylin Bennett, Chris Duggan, Rebecca Hackney-Bliss, Jen Jacobs, Julie Levesque, Megan Maloney, Elizabeth Reynard

Parent's Notice of Procedural Safeguards

The following document will be provided to parents involved in any special education related meetings or during the referral process. The link provides additional copies in multiple languages as well. http://www.doe.mass.edu/sped/prb/

Proof of Residency

If you have been asked to provide proof of residency, please see the following for helpful information.

ECDC: Establishing Proof of Residency Procedures

Step 1: Proof of Residency. Proof of Residency can only be obtained, in person, by the parent/guardian of a student. You will need to bring the following documentation to the Office of Superintendent at the Town Municipal Building, 355 East Central Street, 3rd Floor

Provide documents from ONE box from Column A and ONE box from Column B to the Office of Superintendent at the Town Municipal Building, 355 East Central Street, 3rd Floor
Column A

Evidence of Residency*

Column B

Identification (Photo ID)
Are a Homeowner
Record of recent mortgage payment and/or a current real estate tax bill.
(Utility bills are unacceptable.)
Valid Driver’s License
Valid Photo ID Card
Signed HUD/Closing Disclosure Document
(Purchase & Sale Agreements are not accepted.)
Valid Passport
Are a Renter

Are a Tenant at will or have No Formal Lease
Copy of a Signed Current Lease (school district reserves the right to verify with landlord)
Other Valid Government issued Photo ID

Notarized** Landlord Affidavit stating you are a tenant at will and a copy of the landlord’s real estate tax bill (verifying that they own the property), AND evidence of a current rental payment.

Live with someone
Home Owner must provide a recent mortgage statement or real estate tax bill and sign a notarized** document verifying you are a member of their household. (Document available at Central Office.)
Lease Holder must provide a current lease with your name listed, by the landlord, as additional tenant(s) at the rental property (which must comply with the existing lease agreement occupancy clause). 
*The Town Census is NOT considered Proof of Residency.
**There is a Notary Public available at the Superintendent’s office daily. 

Step 2: Deliver Documents. Bring the following documents to F.X. O’Regan Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC), 224 Oak Street:
  • Proof of Residency form (which you obtained by completing Step 1)
  • An original birth certificate with the official seal (a copy will be made and the original will be returned)
  • Custodial Parent Documentation, if applicable (legal documentation verifying the primary/custodial parent, i.e. court orders, divorce documents, notarized custody verification form provided by Central Office). Call 508-553-4824 for any custody related questions or clarifications

Early Intervention Transition Process

The following Process Guide can be used for families transitioning out of Early Intervention and participating in the referral process wit...